Stick-On Bra


Our bra cups are especially ideal for wedding gowns / outfits with a plunge, as the clip closure on the traditional stick-on bra can be seen in low cut outfits. It also helps to boost and give a more defined cleavage.


  • Peel outer protective plastic off and stick the cups onto your gown/outfit.
  • Scoop cleavage towards the center first, then upwards for a slightly lifted effect, before securing the position by pressing the clothing down to hold it in place. Repeat for the other side.
  • You can adjust how much of a boost you wish to achieve – if you prefer a less exaggerated effect, you can push it less inwards/upwards.

Non-padded version: Great for brides who want a slight lift while keeping your dress in place & avoid ‘flashing’.
Padded version: Great for brides who want an extra boost (up to 1 cup size).

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