White Ankle Strap Flats


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Oooh Darling uses Asian/European size for its footwear collection. Please note this the size chart is a standard international shoe size conversion, and it is not a guarantee. The comfort of a shoe is affected by a combination of factors such as size, cutting and heel height, etc. For example, shoes with the same size but different cutting may not give the wearer the same level of comfort.

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Liz from our debut collection, “Head over Heels”.

For ultimate comfort on your wedding day, consider a pair of wedding flats instead of the usual wedding heels! This classic pair of white flats features hand-sewn lace details on top of a comfortable mesh upper and a cross-over ankle strap design. 



  • 0.5″ inch or 1.27 cm flats
  • Hand-sewn lace details
  • Comfortable mesh upper and leather sole
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